Love Your Life Workbook

Design a life you love –
using over one hundred time-tested techniques

What if your life was custom-designed to boost your happiness? What if you knew you could withstand any struggle? What if you could meet all your goals? What if your relationships were easy and joyful?

All these experiences are now within your grasp. The Love Your Life Workbook presents practical exercises recommended by psychologists, scientists and researchers to create your own happiness, activate your dreams, bounce back from troubles, and build wholesome relationships.

Whether you want to feel more joy every day, hack those habits and goals you’ve been striving towards, feel stronger in times of struggle, or enjoy meaningful connections, the Love Your Life Workbook will accelerate your journey towards health, happiness and success.

Grab a pen or pencil and follow the exercises to:

  • Uncover what happiness means to you – and formulate more of it
  • Take action to identify your life’s purpose
  • Choose fun and easy ways to boost your health
  • Break old habits and construct the ones you’ve always wanted
  • Meet the goals that would make you proud
  • Build your emotional resilience in tough times
  • Master the art of conversation, confrontation and strong relationships
  • Practice smart ways of solving common problems