Cheat Sheets for Life Coaching

The Cheat Sheets for Life book was compiled to support you in living your best life. To help you take action on the research-backed strategies in the book, I am now offering both fixed-term and ongoing one-on-one coaching.

During the coaching process, I will support you in following the research-backed insights you learnt in Cheat Sheets for Life, providing the benefit of organised planning, social accountability and an objective eye as you strive to achieve your personal goals.

Please note, these services do not constitute counselling or therapy, and I would encourage you to seek the support of a licensed mental health professional should you require mental health services. My goal is to support you in implementing specific practices in Cheat Sheets for Life.

The coaching process will involve:

  • Goal selection and reflection
  • Habit selection and planning
  • Ongoing progress tracking and planning


Goal selection and reflection

  • Goal listing, shortlisting and selection
  • Reflection on difficulty, importance, commitment, skills, and prior experience
  • Goal definition with timeline
  • Introduction of stakes
  • Reflection on resources, networks and past achievements

Habit selection and planning

  • Habit selection, definition and trigger plan
  • Reflection on boosting automatability, desirability and ease
  • Introduction of stakes
  • Creation of a Habit Contract
  • Reflection on positive outcomes
  • If-Then scenario planning
  • Set up of a habit tracking system

Ongoing progress tracking and planning

  • Discussion on successes and obstacles
  • If-Then scenario planning on obstacles
  • Discussion on positive and negative elements of life
  • Exploration of new goals


Coaching structure:

Two sessions of one hour each per week conducted virtually, via Google Meet

Minimum coaching duration of one month

Fees vary based on the hours and days of the week that are mutually convenient to both of us to conduct the sessions, as specific hours are in greater demand. Discounts are available for students and anyone facing financial distress.


Please write to me (Ayesha) at to discuss schedules and learn about fees.