750+ hacks for health, happiness and success

Cheat Sheets for Life presents the best insights from hundreds of the world’s bestselling books. So, no matter how pressed for time you are, you can craft the incredible life you deserve.

These bulleted cheat sheets strip research down to its bare bones. You will not find wishy-washy stories nor long-winded experimental methodologies – only bite-sized insights you can act on immediately. 

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Learn life-changing insights from hundreds of bestsellers – by reading just one book.

As the busy CEO of a technology firm, Ayesha hated her lengthy commutes – until she turned them into her mobile library. Soon, she was completing over 70 audiobooks each year on happiness, health, productivity, and success – all while stuck in traffic. She began capturing and categorising the most valuable and validated research from her readings for rapid reference. In doing so, she realised that it was possible to derive a handbook for life based on the expertise from hundreds of books. 

The output is Cheat Sheets for Life – a concise handbook of science-backed advice on 17 dimensions of life, from health to money to leadership to relationships.

Cheat Sheets for Life aims to be the last book you’ll ever need to improve your life. Using time-tested research, it strives to give even the busiest individual a foolproof guide to leading an optimised life.

What you’ll learn

  • How playing the classic game “Tetris” can protect your mood
  • The superfood that research reveals is “the most important dietary predictor of lifespan”
  • The simple technique you can use to double your weight loss
  • How to increase your chances of finding a partner by 25-46%
  • The one factor that can predict your relationship satisfaction a full 10 years from now
  • Why using all your vacation days boosts your chance of getting a raise
  • Why you should keep a cute baby’s photo in your wallet
  • How to decide whether to quit your job
  • And 740+ more valuable insights!

Book Reviews

  • "The ultimate self-help book"

    ” This is the ultimate self-help book, covering all the topics anyone would ever want. (…) A great reference book for life. Buy a paperback copy and keep it in the bathroom or on the bedside table.” 

    Gordon A. Long
  • "Scientifically accurate, easy read"

    “I really loved the book as even though it is scientifically accurate, it is also very easy to digest (…) The book is divided into several sections and if you tell me that none of them sparks interest in you, I won’t believe you.”

    Camille Taboulot
  • "A great tool for the whole family"

    “I suggest that everyone have a copy of this book in your home. It’s an easy guide for anyone to use that applies to so many different aspects of life. It would be a great tool for the whole family.”

    Lotus Reviewing
  • "Everyone should have a copy at home"

    “I am a massive believer in taking action. Cheat Sheets for Life provides the reader with direct, to-the-point, and crisp solutions. (…) I believe that everyone should have a copy of this book in their houses.”

    Anwesha Roychowdhury
  • "Cuts to the chase"

    “We like advice that cuts to the chase and is brief, but helpful. (…) Cheat Sheets for Life is written in a down-to-earth and audience-friendly style. Ratnayake is personable and empathetic.”

    Jennifer Kaufman
  • "Bite-size lists of awesome"

    “If you love lists and love learning new things, you will LOVE this book. It’s like an entire book of those super clickable Pinterest pins with 10 Ways to Be Better at this or that. (…) Bite-size lists of awesome.”

    HeatherAnne Norbury
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