The Utopia Playbook

Join the journey to the planet’s most impressive places – and crack the blueprint for a utopian world.

A utopia full of happiness, health and abundance might sound like a pipe dream. But, if you look closely enough, the world is already full of utopias.

The Utopia Playbook
The Utopia Playbook

If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to build a perfect world, you are not alone.

The Utopia Playbook explores the countries that top the world’s indices in all the metrics that matter.

Tap the secrets of:

  • Finland, which is the world’s happiest country
  • Hong Kong, which has the longest life expectancy
  • Bhutan, which is carbon neutral
  • Spain, which is the biggest organ donor
  • France, which has the least food waste
  • And dozens more countries that hold the keys to an ideal world

Discover where people can safely leave their babies in strollers by the street and which nation has doubled its GDP – while halving its carbon emissions. Explore why the language you speak can make you more or less likely to save for retirement, how one country is creating a nicotine-free generation, and where drone technology is used to grow new forests. Together, we will explore the places of peak happiness, health and abundance – and catch a glimpse into how they came to be the way they are.

The Utopia Playbook is for everyday citizens who dream of a better world. It is for current and future educators, activists, economists, policymakers, politicians and pressure groups. Because whether you are suffering in a failed country or curious about how much better things could be, you deserve to live in Utopia.